An Ongoing Need for Wellness Screening

With COVID vaccinations taking place across the globe, it can feel like there’s a light at the end of this particular tunnel. But experts say the worldwide COVID vaccination rate isn’t going to eradicate the virus. Even if it did, it’s important to be prepared for the next bug—because the unfortunate truth is that pandemics have and will always be a part of life.

Other Solutions Don’t Work

Today’s wellness screening solutions rely primarily on temperature. Simply measuring a person’s skin temperature isn’t accurate enough—it doesn’t consider factors like environment and activity. What if it’s the middle of winter and someone had to walk two blocks in subzero temperatures? What if it’s a scorching summer day of 104 degrees?

These solutions are:

  • Inaccurate
  • Inconsistent
  • Labor intensive
  • Slow and inconvenient
  • Not scalable

Only the ARI Wellness Platform can deliver results that are accurate regardless of outside temperature or recent physical activity. It’s fast, accurate, automated, scalable, and safe for both screeners and screening subjects.