How It Works

The ARI Wellness Platform leverages a range of advanced technologies to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive results on the market today.

MultiSensor Fusion technology

The WellnessDetector™ device measures more than simple skin temperature, which is the primary mechanism for all scanners currently on the market today. Just like we can gain a fuller idea of our world through multiple senses—touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell—our device gets a more complete idea of each screening subject through:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Optical data
  • Radar-based measurements and waveforms
  • Environmental sensing
  • Pattern analysis
  • Anomaly detection

Through these “senses,” MultiSensor Fusion™ uses complicated machine learning algorithms to calculate accurate results and deliver an accurate estimation of a person’s wellness.

For example, to maximize the accuracy of the readings, the device’s sensors determine a person’s exact distance from the device, an important variable when scanning. Additionally temperature readings are normalized to ambient environment by leveraging reporting from the additional sensors. The device also uses radar to measure breathing and heart waveforms, then employs pattern analysis and anomaly detection to identify aberrant conditions.

This MultiSensor Fusion™ integration allows the WellnessDetector™ to:

  • Detect a person’s presence to start the screening
  • Identify the distance from the person to the sensor
  • Understand whether the person is wearing glasses or a mask
  • Determine current ambient environmental factors
  • And deliver accurate readings and result

When the pandemic hit, my office had no alternative but to use handheld thermometers to measure patients’ temperatures.  This meant that we had to get uncomfortably close to potentially infected individuals. And sometimes we would get obviously incorrect results. I feel so much better now that WellnessDetectors give us a way to accurately assess a patients’ state of “wellness” from a safe distance. I couldn’t be happier with how comfortable the WellnessDetector is making us and, more importantly, our patients feel.” 

Dr. Karen Cun DDS

Artisan Family Dental

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Beyond MultiSensor Fusion™, edge computing in the WellnessDetector™ performs continual, automated machine learning, which means our algorithms get better and better with each and every reading. This learning is shared through the WellnessOS™ to continually improve accuracy of results on all WellnessDetectors™, not just the device performing the scan.

Our AI-based analytics platform is constantly learning from each device, spotting trends and hotspots, identifying anomalies, enhancing capabilities based on new information such as seasonal or other environmental changes, and delivering alerts to facility operators or their managed service providers.

WellnessOS™ differentiates the WellnessDetector™ from almost all screening devices on the market. It also adds even greater value by providing actionable data through artificially intelligent cloud systems that provide analytics and network management capabilities.