Safety without Disruption

The ARI Wellness Platform is the industry’s first and only automated, contactless, and connected wellness screening system with machine learning across multiple sensors.

With the WellnessDetector™ device and the WellnessOS™ cloud platform, you get a smart, automated solution that delivers fast, accurate, no-contact screening at your place of business, health organization, public event, and more.


Quick, Intuitive Setup

The WellnessDetector™ device is easy to get set up and running in just minutes.


Variable Modes

Detects elevated temperature along with respiratory and heart waveforms.

MultiSensor Fusion™

Processes data from advanced thermal, radar, environmental, and optical sensors to deliver an accurate reading in mere seconds.

Online Data Analyzation

Identify trends, provide early warning of potential exposures or increasing positivity rates at one or more collection points.

Machine Learning

Our smart devices continue to get smarter as data from scans all over the world is analyzed and used to improve accuracy in a wide variety of environments.

Poised for the Future

Big data gathered from our devices helps us stay on the bleeding edge of development, including identity ingress management with personal recognition, movement detection and monitoring, and more.

Complicated Made Simple

Our WellnessDetector™ is a compact, easy-to-set-up device that uses multiple sensors along with patented and patent-pending algorithms to provide super-fast, accurate, automated wellness readings, including temperature, respiratory and heart waveforms. It offers:


  • Reduced risk to (and reliance on) staff
  • Ability to manage privacy settings and perform anonymous screening
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Accurate results every time regardless of environment factors
  • Large-scale wellness monitoring and trend analysis

The device connects to WellnessOS™, a secure, scalable cloud-based dashboard with multi-tenant support, tiered data access, customized reporting, and live device access for remote screening. Benefits include:


  • WellnessDetectors connect to WellnessOS for secure electronic data collection
  • Advanced artificial intelligence for comparative and predictive analysis
  • Continuous machine learning and algorithm improvement in the cloud to continually refine accuracy and enable future capabilities
  • Simple, centralized deployment, management, and reporting for multiple devices
  • Data encryption and security hardening to protect scans
  • Easy integration with third-party solutions using licensable APIs

    The complete ARI Wellness Platform can help you maintain everyday business operations while helping to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers alike. It’s ideal for:


    • Health facilities – hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices
    • Education – K-12 campuses, universities, colleges
    • Lodging – senior living facilities, hotels, student housing
    • Service organizations – car dealerships, gyms, hair salons
    • Events – festivals, seminars, conventions