About Us

We are on a mission to help keep the people of the world healthy and safe from viruses, whether it is the flu or the next pandemic. But that is not where we started.

Augmented Radar Imaging, Inc. (ARI) was originally founded in 2017 by Victor Shtrom, the inventor of the award winning and high-performance antennas that enabled Ruckus Wireless to deliver some of the highest performing Wi-Fi access points of their time. ARI’s connected MultiSensor Fusion™ technology was developed for multiple applications, including automotive, industrial, safety, health, and entertainment solutions.  One of the first commercially intended applications of this technology was to deliver alerts that a child or pet left alone in a vehicle, as opposed to a balloon bouncing around, may be in distress from heat exhaustion or other factors.

When a global pandemic gripped the world, ARI quickly realized that industry was not equipped to do the kind of automated, accurate and quick wellness scanning that was already built into ARI’s in-vehicle offering.  As a result, ARI pivoted its patented MutliSensor Fusion™ technology to focus on wellness entry screening that was not only fast and accurate but could be deployed without human involvement and provide high-volume, scalable screening to help detect if people entering premises may have an infectious disease.

Thus, was born the WellnessDetector™ screening device that instantly takes multiple measurements and factors in real-world considerations to deliver an automated, touchless result in seconds. The companion WellnessOS™ cloud service not only enables remote, multi-tenant management of devices, but its artificially intelligent analytics with licensable APIs provides monitoring and notifications, identifies trends, and provides early warning of potential exposure or increasing positivity rates.

Our Team

Our team is led by industry veterans from companies like Microsoft, HP, Qualcomm, and Intel.  Our leadership team was part of the larger management team that launched and scaled Ruckus Wireless through its IPO on the NYSE (RKUS), pioneering a two-tier distribution model to provide Wi-Fi hardware and subscription SaaS offerings that ultimately culminated in the $1.5B sale of the business to Brocade Systems.  Our core engineering team has mostly been together since our founding and is comprised of software engineers, data scientists, industrial and mechanical designers and engineers with experience building high volume complex RF and digital HW connected sensor systems.

Even beyond our breadth and depth of experience in innovation, product development, sales, business development, corporate development, channel marketing, and business operations, this is a team that knows and trusts one another.